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The Great Floridian Bike Course takes place on the rural country roads of South Lake County.  While most people assume all of Florida is flat, the GFT is in the hilly sand ridge section of Florida so you'll find gently rolling hills throughout the course. The course is often said to be challenging, especially by Florida standards, but with proper gearing you can breeze through the course.

The 112 mile course is a three loop course. Each bike lap will travel up Sugarloaf Mountain.  The GFT 1/3 Distance race will only complete the first 40 mile segment of the course. The 2/3 Distance race will complete the first two laps of the bike course for a total of  73 miles. Each lap of the bike has three support stations along the course.  The 112 mile cyclists will also have a special needs station with support at the end of laps 1 & 2.  Each support station will have water, gatorade, and bananas.

Bike support is provided by JPR Mobile Services & Velofix.

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1/3 GFT Bike

Sprint Bike

2/3 GFT Bike

GFT Bike Course

Sugarloaf Mountain

At more than 300 feet above sea level, Sugarloaf Mountain is the most prominent peak in Florida.  While Sugarloaf cannot truly be classified as a mountain, the challenging half mile climb to the top will make you feel as if you are climbing a mountain.  

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Sugarloaf Mountain - Great Floridian Bike Course

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The Great Floridian Triathlon is the people's race...where athletes always come first! Now in it's 30th year, the GFT is the nation's longest running independent full distance triathlon!

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