Swim Course

The swim takes place in the pristine waters of Lake Minneola.  Lake Minneola is the third largest lake in the Clermont Chain of Lakes and has been designated "Outstanding Florida Waters" by the State of Florida.

The average water temperature for mid to late October is typically 76-78.  The average depth of Lake Minneola is less than 20 feet so the water temperature can fluctuate greatly due to extreme weather conditions.  If the air temps are above average the weeks preceding the race, then there is a great chance the water temperature could excede 78.

Wetsuit use is in accordance with USAT rules.  In all but four of the past 31 years, the water temperature has been 78 or below, making the race "wetsuit legal".  

The Great Floridian Swim Course is a 1.2 mile triangular course. The 2.4 mile swimmers will swim 2 laps and the HALF GFT swimmers will swim 1 lap. Sprint triathletes will swim out to the first buoy, turn left and swim to the opposite buoy, and then turn into shore.


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The Great Floridian Triathlon is the people's race...where athletes always come first! Now in it's 32nd year, the GFT is the nation's longest running independent full distance triathlon!

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