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Refund-Transfer Policy

A special event warrants special rules and regulations.  We understand life happens, so here are the options you have when life steps in.

  • A participant may move to a shorter event (i.e From Full to 1/2) for no charge until Oct. 10, 2022. The difference in entry fees will not be refunded with a downward transfer. After 10/10 there will be a $25 transfer fee if moving down in events.
  • A participant may move to a longer event (i.e From 1/2 to Full) by paying the difference of their paid entry and the current price of the new event with no added transfer fee.  No transfer fee will be added, but the participant will still pay the difference between events.
  • A participant may transfer their entry to a new participant for the following fees by 10/10:
    -  SPRINT - $25
    -  1/2 - $35
    -  FULL - $50
  • No New Participant Transfers will commence after 10/10

Sommer Sports does not provide REFUNDS of any kind.  Our DEFERMENT POLICY is given in the form of a coupon code valued at 50% of your paid entry fee, good for any future Sommer Sports owned event.  Requests must be made in writing, no later than 10/1/2022.  After 10/1, any 2022 deferment requests will be denied.

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