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2023 Schedule of Events


*Please note all times are subject to change.

Friday, October 20th:

  8:00am         -     10:00am      Monitored Swim Practice 

  8:00am         -     10:30am      Breakfast

11:00am        -     7:00pm       Athlete Registration

12:00pm        -     8:00pm       Athlete gear & bike check-in (optional), Clermont Waterfront Park

Saturday, October 21st:

  5:45am        -                        Check-in and body marking begins

  6:00am         -     8:00am        Packet Pick-up for all events     

  7:20am        -                        Opening Ceremony

  7:30am        -                        GREAT FLORIDIAN TRIATHLON START!

  8:15am        -                        GFT HALF TRIATHLON START (BY WAVES)!

  8:25am        -                        First ULTRA Course swimmer exits the water  

  8:27am        -                        GFT HALF DUATHLON START!

  8:30am        -                        TRANSITION AREA CLOSES TO ALL ATHLETES

  8:45am        -                        First GFT HALF swimmer exits the water!

  9:15am        -                        GFT SPRINT TRIATHLON START (BY WAVES)!

  9:19am        -                        First GFT SPRINT swimmer exits the water!

  9:20am        -                        GFT SPRINT DUATHLON START!

10:00am        -                        GREAT FLORIDIAN SWIM CUT-OFF

10:10am        -                        First GFT SPRINT finisher!

11:10am         -                          First ULTRA COURSE Cyclist finishes Bike.

11:15am        -                        First GFT HALF Cyclist finishes bike

12:45pm        -                        First GFT HALF Runner finishes run

  2:00pm        -                        GREAT FLORIDIAN bike course closes

  2:20pm         -     3:00pm       Approximate time of first GREAT FLORIDIAN finisher

  4:30pm        -      6:30pm       Packet pick-up for FLORIDIAN SUNSET HALF

  6:30pm        -                        FLORIDIAN SUNSET HALF STARTS!

  7:45pm        -                        First FLORIDIAN SUNSET HALF finisher!

11:00pm        -                        GREAT FLORIDIAN run course closes

Sunday, October 22nd:

  11:00am      -                        GFT BBQ Starts

  11:30am                 GFT ULTRA Awards Ceremony


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